German Shepherd for Adoption

Your Best Friend is waiting at the Mississauga Animal Shelter

Have you been thinking about welcoming a new pet into your home? Mississauga Animal Services has many pets including dogs, cats and rodents like rabbits and guinea pigs available for adoption. Adopting a shelter pet can be a rewarding opportunity for everyone, including the pet who gets the comfort and security of a permanent home.

If you’re unsure, consider becoming a foster parent volunteer to care for a pet for a short time until they are ready for adoption. Fostering a pet is the perfect way to learn and care for a pet without making a long-term commitment. Additionally, you help to make a pet more adoptable by giving it another chance to find a happy home.

If you haven’t found the pet you’re looking for in the City’s Animal Services Shelter, try finding pets that are waiting to be rehomed. Furthermore, if you have a pet that you can no longer care for, be a responsible pet owner and help provide them with a temporary foster home or a new permanent home.

Learn more and begin finding your new best friend today.

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