Think of our city like a big team project, where every member’s input matters. That’s what civic engagement is all about—it’s more than just voting every few years. Active citizenship is about staying up to speed with what’s happening in our city, asking questions at council meetings, voicing your opinion, and playing an active role in Mississauga’s public life.

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Your Participation Matters

Mississauga, our city of vibrant cultures and diverse backgrounds, is a mosaic of unique needs and aspirations. Your participation can make all the difference.

Ensuring Representation

Your involvement helps the City of Mississauga team make decisions that reflect the richness of our diversity. Every resident offers a unique perspective that can enrich the conversation around city decisions.

Tackling City Challenges

With our city facing intricate issues such as managing urban growth, enhancing public transit, and tackling environmental sustainability, your voice matters more than ever. Your concerns, ideas, and feedback can provide unique solutions and give city officials a clearer understanding of how their decisions affect your everyday life.

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Fostering Civic Engagement

Encouraging You to Get Involved

Creating a culture of participation isn’t a one-way street—it’s a collective effort. We will do our part by promoting city council meetings and public events, ensuring they are accessible and inclusive. But we need you to take the first step: attend, speak up, and be heard.

Bringing Engagement to You

In today’s digital world, we have more ways to connect and communicate. We use online platforms to facilitate civic engagement, such as online Council meetings, digital surveys and virtual town hall meetings, making it easier for you to get involved.

Commitment to Your Input

We know that your participation must translate into tangible outcomes. We commit to taking your input seriously, considering the feedback received, and maintaining transparency about how your input influences city decisions.

Join Us in Shaping Mississauga

As your City Councillor, I invite you to take a proactive role in shaping the future of our city. Together, we can ensure that Mississauga’s policies reflect the needs and dreams of all its residents.

Remember, it’s your city, your voice! Your active participation can make a world of difference. Let’s shape the future of Mississauga together.

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