A crucially important part of my job as a City of Mississauga Councillor is to represent and address the issues, concerns and priorities of residents of Ward 6.

To do that, I need to know what issues people are having, in what numbers and where in the Ward. For example, if ten people throughout the Ward have an issue with traffic safety, that requires one kind of solution. But, if ten people on one street have an issue, that requires something else.

It is because of my commitment to serve the needs of residents of the Ward that I have been writing down the issues of everyone I meet. I’ve already taken notes on thousands of conversations. One of my biggest jobs is addressing the issues that people like you have raised. For all these reasons, I would appreciate if you would let me know what your biggest issue or priority is for Mississauga.

I am also asking for your contact information so that we may follow up if we have more questions. We also want to let you know the outcome of our efforts on your priority. Finally, knowing where people are located can keep an eye out for clusters of issues in the Ward. Thanks, Joe.

What is your biggest municipal concern that you wish city council was doing a better job addressing? *