Planning to visit Mississauga’s waterfront? It’s important you know where and how to park to avoid a parking infraction during your visit. The waterfront gets busy and draws thousands of residents and visitors each year. The increase in traffic and illegally parked vehicles affects neighbourhood safety and impedes access for emergency service vehicles.

Be aware of Seasonal Fines

Every year from May 1 to September 30, fines for parking and stopping violations increase to $100 in Mississauga’s waterfront area. The increased fines apply to all local roads, City parks and municipal parking lots south of Lakeshore Road, from Mississauga’s east city limits to Meadow Wood Road.

Only Park in Designated Areas

Parking in designated areas ensures that Mississauga’s waterfront remains accessible and safe for all residents and visitors to enjoy. If you’re visiting Mississauga’s waterfront, please park in permitted areas only within parks or adjacent neighbourhoods.

No changes to Overnight Parking

Tickets for parking violations occurring between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. are exempt from the increased $100 fines and will remain at the regular fine amounts.

Consider Other Alternatives

If the parking lot is full, please consider exploring one of the other 500 parks in Mississauga, or walking, cycling, or taking public transportation to your destination. Please also remember to be respectful of our Parking Enforcement Officers as they strive to ensure everyone’s safety. To learn more about parking in Mississauga, visit

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