Improving Tree Replacement & Care

The City of Mississauga is making significant changes to improve our forestry services. We are making processes smoother, clearing accumulated work orders due to the Emerald Ash Borer, and enhancing the quality of service in our Forestry Division. We are also working hard to catch up on tree pruning, removals, and stumping jobs to further help. To accomplish these goals, we are adding tree maintenance resources, and we have started more proactive tree care.

Clearing Backlogs & Moving Forward

To tackle the existing backlog, we set up additional stumping crews. Between July 2023 and January 2024, we have cleared 3,573 tree stumps. This work sets the stage for us to proceed with new tree planting activities this Spring.

The Forestry Customer Service Experience

We are also improving the Forestry customer experience. You are now able to track and monitor online the status and completion of service requests in real-time using our newly updated interactive tree map. This work also includes new processes to speed up response times and to help us use resources more efficiently.

City’s Forestry Capacity

A new contract for tree maintenance services will be awarded shortly. It will increase service capacity to address the final backlog of tree removals and pruning and allow us to meet the growing demand for forestry services.

Proactive and Strategic

We are also implementing a seven-year proactive maintenance cycle starting this Fall to enhance the health of our urban forest.

All of this work is part of our overall Forestry master plan which includes our commitment to combating climate change and ensuring trees continue to play an important part in ensuring a vibrant future for the people of Mississauga.

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