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We’re Working to Improve Traffic Safety Near You

We have been getting out and meeting with residents across Ward 6 this summer.  The number one issue we continue to hear concerns traffic safety. To respond to this issue, we challenged our Transportation and Works Department to make some meaningful changes to several of our secondary streets. They responded with a plan to upgrade eight local streets in the Ward with edge lines and centre lines.

These markings encourage average drivers to slow down by visually narrowing the road. Centre lines prompt drivers to stay on the right side of the road — requiring slower speeds. Edge lines and centre lines are a quick to implement and inexpensive measure that has been shown to reduce speeds and speeding by about five to ten percent.

Upcoming Projects

The next eight streets scheduled for traffic calming street markings are as follows:

Update: The work is underway at the above locations with Blueheron and others having now received edge and centre lines.

Speed Signs and more…

In addition to these street markings, we have continued to advocate for other traffic safety measures such as our rotating interactive digital speed sign program. Such a sign was recently installed on Creditview Road and the signs will be coming to Duval Drive and White Clover Way in the not-too-distant future.

More intensive traffic calming includes the planned speed cushions and bollards on Heatherleigh Avenue and recent design modifications on The Credit Woodlands.

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