Traffic Safety

Traffic volume and safety along The Credit Woodlands is a concern identified by people who use the street, City Staff and Council.  The (former) traffic circle was not designed according to modern pedestrian and cycling safety standards. Traffic could travel so fast it made safe crosswalks impossible.

While traffic safety is a priority for the City, projects to address safety across Mississauga typically move forward with a level of deliberation that takes longer than anyone wishes. The City created Sharing Lanes to try new ways of quickly and inexpensively making our streets safer while animating our neighbourhoods. The traffic circle was redesigned as one of these projects as a two-year demonstration project.

Features Feedback

We invite you below to provide feedback on specific aspects of the Sharing Lanes project which made changes to The Credit Woodlands traffic circle.

Please note, we have already had significant feedback expressing overall support or opposition to the project. The purpose of these questions is to better understand specific priorities and needs you have. So, we would like to know which aspects of the project you most and least support.

Your individual responses will not be shared with anyone outside of Councillor Horneck’s office without your specific consent.

Info Session

The City of Mississauga is holding a public information centre (session) to discuss Sharing Lanes at The Credit Woodlands including the updates and future plans.

Tuesday, January 16 – 7 to 9 pm
Woodlands High School – Cafeteria
3225 Erindale Station Road

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Part 1 of 6: Contact Information

Part 2 of 6: Your Overall Priorities

We will ask about the (former) traffic circle in a moment, but first... Thinking about your larger neighbourhood in general, over the years what one issue has mattered most to you? (Again, independent of the recent changes.)

Highest Priority

Beyond that issue, what is your NEXT priority?

Second Priority

Which is the LOWEST priority for you?

Least Priority

Part 3 of 6: The Former Traffic Circle

Thinking about the traffic circle, BEFORE the recent changes what did you like MOST about it?

Liked Most BEFORE

Thinking about the traffic circle BEFORE the changes, what did you like LEAST (dislike) about it?

Liked Least BEFORE

Part 4 of 6: The Recent Changes

What do you like MOST (or dislike the least) about the RECENT CHANGES to the former traffic circle area?

Liked Most AFTER

What do you like LEAST (dislike the most) about the recent changes to the former traffic circle area?

Liked Least AFTER

What do you next LEAST like?

Next Least-Liked AFTER

Regardless of whether you like or dislike the changes, how passionate are you about the issue or how important of an issue are the changes?

Passion Level

Part 5 of 6: Construction and Comments

We are still working on construction sequencing, but some streets in The Credit Woodlands area are to be scheduled for storm drain, sewer and repaving work.  If road alignment work was to be done on The Credit Woodlands and a choice was available, would you prefer:

  • Construction take place as soon as possible and again shortly thereafter, or
  • Both projects be done later -- coordinating the construction work.
Construction Option

Do you have any other comments you would like to provide?

Again, we are currently focused on the individual elements and objectives of The Credit Woodlands Sharing Lanes project. We have already received significant feedback supporting or opposing the pilot project.

Part 6 of 6: Demographic Information

Finally, we have three demographic questions for you to help us better understand if different groups of people have unique concerns we should be addressing.

How old are you?
Do you have school-aged children?

When it comes to the streets around the (former) traffic circle area, do you think of yourself as primarily a vehicle driver, pedestrian or cyclist?

Driver, Cyclist or Pedestrian?