This survey would eventually be added to Councillor Horneck’s page on the Carrington development. It is just presented here for internal review. Please feel free to fill it out to try it out. Just use a first name of ‘Testy’ so that we know it was dummy data.  Your feedback on the survey would be appreciated, please feel free to use the final comments for that or to contact Bill Pitcher.

Part 1 of 5: Contact Information

Part 2 of 5: Your Overall Priorities

We will ask about the proposed Carrington development in a moment, but first... Thinking about your neighbourhood in general, over the years, what one issue has mattered most to you? (Again, independent of the current proposal.)

Highest Priority

What is your next highest priority?

Second Priority

Part 3 of 5: The 1710 Carrington Site

Thinking about the Carrington project as outlined, what one element did you like the most (or least concerns you)?

Least Concern

What one element most concerns you?

Highest Concern

Part 4 of 5: Working with the Applicant

If a small collection of residents was to take the lead in trying to work with the applicant, who would be the most appropriate group to do so?

Resident representatives

Typically with a development project, reaching a mutual agreement is better for all involved than a contested result that could be overturned.  On that basis, what kind of approach should that group adopt?

Group approach

If you have concerns about the project, what do you think a good compromise would be somewhere between developing the project of eight townhomes as presented and developing one or two detached homes?  (Please Note:  The City of Mississauga has not taken a position on the development.)

Part 5 of 5: Level of Interest and Comments

Regardless of whether you like or dislike the proposal, how important is this issue to you?

Importance Level

Do you have any other comments you would like to provide?

Again, we are currently focused on your specific issues, rather than your overall approval or disapproval for the project.