Mississauga’s sidewalk repair program works to provide you with accessible and even sidewalks so everyone can move around the city safely and easily.

City staff monitor, inspect and repair sidewalks throughout the year. They look for things like dips or uneven pavement.

Reporting Broken Sidewalks

If you see a sidewalk in need of maintenance or repair, such as a sidewalk that is severely cracked, collecting standing water or uneven, I encourage you to report it. You can call 311 or submit an online service request.

Once reported, the area is made safe with paint, cones or temporary asphalt ramping until more permanent repairs can be made.

Permanent repairs are scheduled based on priority and may take more than a year to occur. Where possible, staff will try to group repairs in the same neighbourhood so that they can be scheduled together. This is more efficient, cost effective and can minimise disruption.

Repairs On Your Street

When sidewalk repairs are planned in front of your home or business, you will receive a hand-delivered notice.

To ensure everyone’s safety while this work is happening, please remember:

  • Be cautious while walking or driving near the repair area.
  • Slow down in work areas and give crews and equipment lots of space to work.
  • Respect and follow any barricades and signage at the work sites.
  • Call 311 to inquire about the work or report any construction concerns.
  • For telephone, internet or cable outages, please contact your service provider.

We appreciate your patience as this important work is completed.

To learn more and report other road damage, including potholes and damaged curbs, sidewalks and catch basins, visit mississauga.ca/roads.

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