Mississauga is a large and growing city, bustling with activity and the sounds of people living, commuting, working and playing.

The City responds to excessive, persistent and recurring noises through enforcement of its Noise Control By-law. Following extensive public consultation, the City has updated its Noise Control Program and By-law so that they better reflect your needs as Mississauga residents.

Enhanced Noise By-Law Coverage

The updated Noise Control program improves service through:

  • Enhanced overnight and weekend coverage for noise complaints.
  • A new Priority Response Model to determine when an onsite investigation from an Enforcement Officer is needed.
  • Additional Enforcement Officers dedicated to onsite investigations.
  • A modernized by-law that provides clarity around permitted times for noise.

Types of Infractions Covered

Some of the noises that you can report, when outside of the permitted times, include the following:

  • Amplified sound from an electronic device (e.g. radio, speaker, television)
  • Commercial construction
  • Power tools for home maintenance (e.g. lawn mowers, grass trimmers)
  • Recreational and event noise (e.g. partying, singing, sports noise, including whistles)
  • Animal noises (e.g. persistent dog barking, whining and calling)

The Reporting Process

You can report excessive noise by calling 311 or submitting an online service request.


If the noise is caused by domestic disputes, yelling or moving vehicles, report it to Peel Police. For non-emergencies, call 905-453-3311. For emergencies, call 911.

The City will review the noise complaint and prioritize it based on how likely it is to occur and its impact to residents. The priority level will determine whether an onsite investigation by an Enforcement Office is needed, as well as the response time.

To learn more or submit a complaint, visit mississauga.ca/noise.

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