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I am a high school co-op student working in Councillor Horneck’s Office. As I come to the end of my time here, I wanted to share some personal thoughts on why I feel municipal government is important for young people like me.

If the entirety of the government were to stop working tomorrow, the first we would notice would be the Municipal government. Municipal government is responsible for many things that affect our daily life. Community centres, transportation, and emergency services are essential to our well-being, so not being in-service would be chaos!


We all use transportation, whether it’s getting to university, meeting friends, or running errands. The City decides on routes and transit options, which fall under the Municipal government. It can be frustrating when routes don’t connect well or when transit has issues. If we don’t voice our issues, how would we fix them? The decision-makers often have cars and don’t rely on transit as much as we do. By engaging in municipal politics, we can ensure our needs are considered and work towards better transit for everyone in the city.

Trails & Bike Lanes

In addition, the Municipal government has a significant impact in the development of trails, bike lanes, and pedestrian-friendly streets. Our City is continuously evolving, and by engaging in local politics, we can advocate for more walk-able neighbourhoods and safer bike routes. These changes not only promote a healthier lifestyle but also reduce traffic congestion and save our money! Imagine being able to bike to your favourite hangout spot, walk safely to school, or enjoy a scenic trail ride with family and have fun conversations. Our voice can help prioritise the creation of interconnected trails and bike lanes making our city more walk-able.

Public Spaces

Municipal governments are the ones maintaining and improving our public spaces and community centres. These places are where we hang out, play competitive sports, study for hours, and relax. Imagine having a say in how these spaces are designed and used. By participating in local politics, we can ensure our parks are safe, our community centres are well-funded, and our public spaces are enjoyable for us. By being actively involved, we can influence decisions that benefit us now and for years to come, creating a city that meets our needs and those of future generations.

All in all, as the future generation, I believe it is crucial for us to voice our opinion and get involved. You should care about Municipal politics, because although it does not affect you, it affects everything you do.

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