A New Vision for Mississauga

As we celebrate Mississauga’s 50th Anniversary, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Our city has excelled in providing the basics, laying a strong foundation as we transitioned from a bedroom community to a vibrant, modern city. Yet, the question remains: What’s next for Mississauga?

We believe the answer lies, in part, in enhancing our everyday experiences and creating iconic city features – elements we’ve termed “Mississauga Moments+” and “City Signatures.” These initiatives aim to not only celebrate our achievements but also to inspire excitement and pride about what our city can become. This vision is not meant to overshadow the hard work of our city staff and elected officials but rather builds upon their efforts. It recognizes their role in our city’s growth and the complex challenges of managing our urban landscapes.

Successes & Challenges

Mississauga’s journey has been marked by significant achievements, such as the construction of the Living Arts Centre, supported by an impressive fundraising effort that garnered the equivalent of $50-million in donations and sponsorships in today’s dollars. Small initiatives, like the opportunity to dedicate park benches or trees to loved ones, and major partnerships with the Paramount Centre and Mattamy Sports Park, highlight our community’s commitment to enhancing public spaces.

However, these successes can sometimes feel like individual efforts, leading to a lack of consistency across the city. We need to do more. With affordability becoming an increasingly concerning issue for our residents, it’s clear we must find new, sustainable ways to enhance our city’s livability and accessibility.

The Play More Fund

Our plan begins by enhancing renewed playgrounds in Ward 6 through the Play More Fund. Recognizing that playgrounds are due for renewal every 20-25 years, we aim to not only replace these vital community spaces but also to enhance them with additional features. By raising a minimum of $30,000 per park, we can introduce new elements that enrich our children’s play experiences, setting a new standard for community engagement and investment in our public spaces.

Over the next five years, this initiative will enhance renewal of five playgrounds and two other parks with sports and recreation features. While the fundraising goals are modest compared to previous city-wide campaigns, the Play More Fund serves as test case. It’s about demonstrating the viability of a new approach to community investment—one that can be scaled and replicated across Mississauga.

Two kids playing in a playground with a log.
Map of Planned Park and Playground Upgrades in Ward 6 of Mississauga

The Parks and Timeline

  • River Grove: Benches – 2024

  • Credit Pointe – 2024

  • Sawgrass – 2025
  • Sonoma – 2026
  • Deer Wood – 2027
  • Magrath – 2028
  • Half-Court Basketball – TBA

Building Momentum

Success will require the collective effort of our community, including the endorsement of the new mayor and city council. By offering a mix of sponsorship opportunities and donation options, we aim to provide tangible returns on investment.  Our status as a crown-affiliated organization also means we can offer tax incentives similar to those available to registered charities.

While the road ahead may be challenging, requiring the support of both Council and City Staff, we are committed to taking these first steps. Ambitious plans start with bold actions, and through the Play More Fund, we aim to lay the groundwork for a city-wide initiative that will enhance the quality of life for all Mississauga residents.

One kid sitting in a swing and smiling and another kid behind the swing looking at somewhere else.
A Coelophysis dig with orange sand and no background.

Join Us

As we embark on this journey, we invite the residents of Mississauga to join us in shaping the future of our city. Together, we can create a legacy of community engagement, sustainable development, and shared prosperity. Let’s build a city that not only meets the needs of today but inspires the dreams of tomorrow.

Stay Informed

Do you have an interest in being updated about the latest playground upgrades in Ward 6 and the status of our Ward 6 Playground fund?  Would you be interested in supporting the fund?  If yes to either question, leave your contact information below and we will reach out when there is progress to report.